Why Hire Me?

Why Hire Me!!!

1). I love what I do and I put every last drop on me into my photo sessions and it doesn’t stop once the photo-shoot is over. Because photography never feels like work, even when I’m up late into the night, editing, designing and attending 101 other things that need completing.

Unique Approach

2). Jayoto Photography delivers a unique approach to photography. Therefore, enabling you to work more closely with the photographic direction. We believe that our attention to detail offers more than other photographic vendors. More importantly, the event runs as smooth as silk without any interference with your celebrations.

3). Experience & Education

I have been interested in photography from a young age. In 2007 I produced a photographic commercial video of the beautiful Maltese Islands. In 2012 I completed my Master’s in Photography and subsequently took up a teaching position in Thailand. Whilst in Thailand I discovered the amazing world of Street Photography, sending me on a humbling emotional rollercoaster journey.


To me photography is more than a journey, no matter what or who I capture, whether, it’s photographing a wedding, corporate events, sports, wildlife, architecture, portraiture, culinary arts and candid street photography. I approach them all with exactly the same dedication.

The real driving force within me is seeking the ultimate reward of seeing your face light-up in astonishment of how beautifully I have captured those moments through my images.

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