Best betting tips for Six Nations Championship 2021

When the Six Nations Championship 2021 started, everyone eagerly waited for the best tip to be a profitable bettor at the end. However, after judging the Conditions of the Six Nations Championship, we can conclude some points. However the Championship league is still going on, it can be helpful for you. Let’s see what we can have here.

Chances of England to Win

At the beginning of the Six Nations Championship, when February was going on, everyone was sure that France would be the winner of this season. By 2020, everyone was expecting to see the matches of England Vs France. No one would have thought that France’s position would be lagged like now.

There is no direct excuse for them. France players have shown a good fight. Damian Penaud was the man of the match for quite some. However, recently, after the breakdown of the France team due to the cavity d-19 situation, players got demotivated.

So, the option left for France is to allow the young players to play. It would be more perfect to say, newbies are being allotted. At first, France’s odds were/1 against England. Now the odds have reduced effectively.

Odds on Grand Slam

Everyone expected to watch the great match between England and France on 13th March. However, the disaster happened before the date. If you don’t know, the match with Scotland was postponed after two weeks of this match. Apart from expecting France as a winner, they are some teams which are on the list of expectations.

For example, if you choose Scotland as an example, last year, it has scored 28-17 which was completed unexpectedly. This year there is a team that can win the tournament but helps the bettors to earn huge money. This time it is Grand Slam. The odd on iPhone 5/1.

Star Player Johnny May and Damian Penaud
Damian Penaud

If there is a list of players, have won the hearts of the public, then these two names will be on the top of the list. Johnny May from England and Damian Penaud from France have given their best up to now. Two-star teams like England and France were always Under the notice of bettors.

The tough rivalry with each other made them more epic. Recently, Johnny May has defeated Scotland and some other teams in the Six Nations Championship. He was the man of the match and also the man of the heart to the bettors. On the match of 13th March, a strong glorious fight can be seen between Damian and Johnny. Damian is the only worthy competitor of Johny. That’s why bettors are still waiting for the moments to raise the odds.

The actions of the covid-19 were unexpected. If this has not happened then we can witness a completely new match. Though all the players from France are giving their best. Let’s hope for the best. Don’t move your eyes from the screen of live streaming and the odds list of bookies’ counters.

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